Permaculture and Restaurants food business design

Permaculture’s blueprint to a truly sustainable approach, environmentally, socially and financially

Our industry is attempting to rethink its relationship and impact on the environment. Driven by a growing concern from the public about the strains food systems and other industries are placing on nature and the resources available. Some argue we have a scarcity of resources, others demonstrate the issue is not the amount, rather the management of what is available. We produce enough food globally to feed everyone. The key is working in harmony with nature and its systems rather than against them, along with managing food distribution and waste. We need to look at crops, ingredients, and energy not as resources available for our exploitation but as part of a whole system we need to integrate with. 



Experience Economy food business design

How to extract value from the Experience Economy to gain freedom from price wars

The Experience Economy is a concept I came across back in 2003 and has moulded how I look at our industry and helped me formulate a structure in which I started creating F&B concepts. This also became the framework I use to evaluate existing businesses to identify potential areas of improvement. These principles definitely require an update in 2020 to have grounds to stand on and be relevant in today’s environment. The aim of this article is to introduce you to this idea that helped me create F&B businesses which have longevity and competitive advantage. What I also hope to do is unlock what the new framework needs to be in this current market landscape.