The aim of this site is to merge the art and science of the food and beverage industry. By doing so, I hope to: 

  • Share knowledge I have accumulated over the years and provide a niche audience of owners, operators, F&B lovers and dreamers, a broad perspective in a specialised field, the world of restaurants. The aim is for this content to be useful, usable, and actionable.
  • Turn this into educational content.
  • Reach the maximum number of owner/operators and potentially contribute in maximising the success ratio of restaurants. 
  • With the contributions of other experts in their fields, help to propel the industry forward.
  • Open an in-depth dialogue and contribute towards a more harmonious way of operating with nature.

Warning to the readers: This blog is not about scratching the surface of topics. This is not clickbait with attractive titles and light text. This is not another SEO optimization gimmick to stay relevant and drive traffic to websites. I genuinely want to share knowledge with our community. Therefore, I go into deep dives in the various topics I cover (hence heavy on word count). I will do my best to condense and provide visuals with summaries as I go.

The vision is for this to evolve with time through a gradual progression. 

Step one: to share the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. 
Step two: to get experts in their field to contribute to the knowledge base. 
Step three: to explore the future of food and design hoping to reimagine the business model. 
Step four: who knows where this goes. 

I will share different insights and knowledge collected throughout my journey on Food Business Design and shed light on some best practice super stars out there that we can all learn from. I do not consider myself an authority on any of the subject matters, rather a person with a lot of curiosity which has fueled this life-long pursuit of knowledge and attempt to decode this diverse industry of ours. I felt compelled in these times to share what I have learned over the years, hoping it could benefit people in our beautiful yet fragile industry. 

By no means am I aiming for this to reach the most amount of readers, just the right audience. I really would like to establish a two-way conversation with my readers and hope to start dialogues on the various topics I cover. I am also very interested to know if you find information here to be useful. Hopefully with time I can get other industry experts, based on what you the readers want to learn more about, to contribute to this and create a knowledge-based forum.

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My Brief Story

Started this journey at 15 years of age as a bartender (yes, I was under age but looked older than my age). Went to a hospitality university. Landed a dream job in a turnkey design agency / consultancy. Started hopping around since. Fast forward 25years since my bartending days. I have done projects in Asia, Middle East and Australia. I call two cities home, Melbourne and Dubai. I was involved in projects as varied as single standalone cafes, franchise operations, hotels, shopping centres, sporting arenas, and airports. I have taken courses and workshops in a variety of random interests such as permaculture, shoe making, weaving, making leather out of fish skin to a degree in furniture design and manufacturing. If you feel you have the urge to read more about me, click here, although I strongly recommend you spend your time wisely reading the other content on this site. 

what is food business design

Food Business Design is the merging of the worlds of art and science. It combines the art of culinary creations and design aesthetics with the science of business models and acumen to deliver memorable dining experiences. It also explores potential future opportunities that science can deliver to reinvent the industry and how to preserve timeless hand crafts and arts that make up the soul of a restaurant. There is a science and art to everything we do, and the magic happens when we strike a balance between the two. 

Food : Focusing on the entire food journey from agriculture through to culinary preparation and service. To start you off on your journey into the Food world within this site, I recommend you read:

THE BUSINESS OF FOOD What it takes to turn your food passion into a successful business 

Business: Market relevance, along with strong financial foundations that ensure concept longevity with a focus on numbers, data analytics, and a sound business model. To start you off on your journey into the Business world within this site, I recommend you read: 

RESTAURANT BUSINESS MODEL The building blocks of setting up and operating a successful restaurant 

Design: encompassing the world of design in its broadest sense, from design thinking to all branches of design that converge to create a cohesive functional concept. To start you off on your journey into the Design world within this site, I recommend you read: 

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RESTAURANT DESIGN What it takes to design a successful business not only a beautiful space  

The aim of this site is to shed light on these different building blocks and merge the art and science of our industry to help owner/operators run open and run successful businesses.


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