Permaculture and Restaurants food business design

Permaculture’s blueprint to a truly sustainable approach, environmentally, socially and financially

Our industry is attempting to rethink its relationship and impact on the environment. Driven by a growing concern from the public about the strains food systems and other industries are placing on nature and the resources available. Some argue we have a scarcity of resources, others demonstrate the issue is not the amount, rather the management of what is available. We produce enough food globally to feed everyone. The key is working in harmony with nature and its systems rather than against them, along with managing food distribution and waste. We need to look at crops, ingredients, and energy not as resources available for our exploitation but as part of a whole system we need to integrate with. 



the business of food food business design

What it takes to turn your food passion into a successful business

Food. It fuels us. Inspires us. Brings us together. Expresses cultural stories. Reflects history. Nurtures. Can heal you. Can harm you. Evokes memories. Is multisensory. But what is the business of food?

In the past few years, with the explosion of Food TV, bloggers, influencers and foodies, food has become hip, trendy, artistic. Everyone has an opinion about food. Everyone has a relationship with food. Few make food their livelihood, whether through pursuing culinary schools and apprenticeships, or through turning a hobby into a profession. Now more than ever, there are new entrants to the market that don’t come from the industry. Some of this is because of the somewhat lower barriers to entry caused by things like incubator projects and ghost kitchens. This is also caused by the penetration of food into pop culture and its widespread appeal across a variety of audiences. 

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